Welcome: Organization Overview

What is Time On The Hill?

Time On The Hill is an organization that creates pathways for incredible talent to serve in Congress. We also provide direct support to lobbying, association, and think tank opportunities throughout Washington. Our comprehensive approach aims to elevate phenomenal candidates who are passionate about the issues by placing them in positions of influence throughout the city and beyond.

What do we do?

Time On The Hill provides a full portfolio of services to interested candidates who are ready for the next step in their career. We offer a full suite of services from LinkedIn profiles, congressional and professional résumés, comprehensive networking, member & committee selection, interview preparation and a great deal more.

Why is it important?

The Congress is an incredibly challenging and at times difficult place to navigate a job search. The private sector can also be onerous but in a much different way. We work with highly motivated candidates who are eager to become a part of their professional job search success.

How often do people succeed?

Every week our candidates are successfully navigating and landing jobs both on and off the Hill. This is not an internship program that doesn’t lead a position. This is a highly proactive approach to issue, Member, and committee selection that leads to full time employment and a meaningful career.

What is on the website?

The website hosts our complete online platform of tools. This platform includes congressional jobs, professional jobs, and internships all over Washington. We offer a comprehensive lobbying contact directory, a congressional staffer email directly, and a college & university congressional staffer alumni directory. Most important of all, we offer a detailed step by step blueprint for exactly what you need to do in order to land a job both on and off of Capitol Hill.

Is there someone who can help me?

Using the website alone, you can land a job on the Hill. But if you would like to speed up your search, an advisor can go a long way in your path toward success. You can book an appointment online at anytime. We can meet in person or over the phone.