Ultimate Hill Search Blueprint:

Welcome to the United States Congress. Everything you need for a successful congressional job search is right here. You have scores of tips for crafting incredible materials. Once your full presentation is ready for prime time, we have a complete process for selecting Members and Committees. From the very beginning, the Ultimate Blueprint is stacked with advice on how to reach out successfully. There are invaluable resources for landing and crushing interviews. Check out brand new job alerts. We also post countless internship leads. There are thousands of positions. You only need one!

Complete Congressional Checklist:

1.) Congressional Job Search Checklist – Complete – Time On The Hill
2.) Time On The Hill – Congressional Job Search Process – Complete

Congressional Materials Library:

Congressional Résumé Sample
Congressional References Page Sample
Congressional Cover Letter Sample

Congressional Writing Sample A
Congressional Writing Sample B
Sample Congressional Press Release

Form A: States Where You Have Lived & Worked
Form B: Congressional Member Tip Sheet
Form C: Networking Detail Sheet

New Application Power Bundle:

Your Master Plan
Congressional Résumé
References Page
LinkedIn Profile
Social Media Scrub
Writing Samples
Press Release Sample
Congressional Cover Letter

Targeted Outreach & Networking:

Your Alumni Database
States Where You Have Lived & Worked
Congressional Member Tip Sheet
All Hail The Congressional Scheduler
Casting Networking Hooks Via Email
Introductory Email Samples
Congressional Interview Tip Sheet (Informal)
Critical Follow-Up
Weekly Update

Interview Execution & Offer:

Approaching Formal Job Openings
Phone Interview Execution
In-Person Formal Interviews
Final Interviews
Offer Negotiation & Closing
Thank You!

Critical House Staff Contacts:

House Office Chiefs of Staff
House Office Legislative Directors
House Office Communications Directors
House Office Schedulers – All Hail!


House Office District Directors

Critical Senate Staff Contacts:

Senate Office Chiefs of Staff
Senate Office Legislative Directors
Senate Office Communications Directors
Senate Office Administrative Directors


Senate Office State Directors