States Where You Have Lived & Worked

You now have a tight packet of congressional deliverables and a working list of your collegiate alums. This packet is ready for launch at the drop of a hat. Your references are solid. It’s now time to think about the states where your service commitment makes the most sense. You are now sitting in an incredibly beautiful position.

Your very first hook is geographic. In particular, for those individuals who care to run the front office, geographic connections are especially important. Ties to the home state matter. Familiarity with the territory matters. This is true to the max for anyone who sits out in the front office where face-to-face interactions occur all day long.

Think about every place where you have lived and worked. This list will help you narrow down a list of states to cross-reference with the current roster of the membership in Congress.

See the corresponding worksheet here. Complete this roster as quickly and thoughtfully as possible. Then we move forward quickly.