From Legislative Correspondent To Legislative Assistant

The burnout rate for a Legislative Correspondent is one year. A Chief of Staff knows this and expects that after twelve months you will be emotionally over it. But let’s be smart about making our shift from LC to LA. Here are a number of questions when planning your next steps:

  • Do I enjoy my current office and would I like to stay?
  • Will somebody leave so a space opens up?
  • What type of Member do I want to serve next?
  • Do I want to examine a shift into the Senate?
  • If I stay here, will I become stale in the marketplace?
  • Am a ready to be a Legislative Assistant?
  • Will my Chief and Member be supportive or angry?
  • Have I updated my LinkedIn profile and my résumé?
  • Do I have a list of 20 offices ready to go?
  • Have I earned great references from my current office?
  • How much money would I like to make in this next office?
  • Is the timing right to make a move right now?
  • Am I forcing this move or am I letting things happen?
  • Which policy areas do I really care about?

Keep in mind, there is a big difference between doing your homework and accepting an offer. It can take weeks or months to land an amazing opportunity in a senior leadership office. You should always be thinking and preparing even if you are not 100% in the hunt.

Spend 15 minutes each day thinking about the right fit and your next steps. Put your job and your duties first. But don’t forget that you need to spend a little time taking care of your own goals as well.

One little step at a time is a very easy and effective method to achieve long-lasting success.

Schedule an appointment today and let’s work together on your successful path forward. There are thousands of positions. You only need one!

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