Introduction: Time On The Hill Blueprint

These are the steps we took to land incredible jobs on Capitol Hill.

There is an extremely specific order here.

Please do not pick and choose. Stick to the order. If Step I is not executed perfectly, you make Steps II & III much more difficult.

Step I (creating your Congressional Résumé) is by far the most important part of this mission.

It’s the heavy lifting that almost nobody wants to complete. However, this component of the process is the bedrock for the balance of your search. A congressional packet with holes in it will slow you down and impede your progress. Finish Step I with a serious commitment the first time. Do it once and you are done.

Until Step I is complete, don’t even think about Steps II & III. Do not send staffer emails or set up new coffees. This is a waste of your valuable time. Don’t turn a four-week search into a nine-month monster.

Step II and Beyond

Once your Congressional Résumé is complete, you will hit the ground running at the beginning of Step II. Your graduate network, home-state staffers, LinkedIn connections, and much, much more will be at your fingertips. Locate and pursue the best available opportunities for your preferences and skills.

This process, if done right, has long-lasting value. As a result of this effort, your network has the potential to be massive. You will be Day-1 ready for your new opportunity in Congress.

Enough chat. Let’s get you a new congressional opportunity today!