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Your college and university alumni network in Congress is tremendously powerful. If you are interested in talking with anyone from your college and university family, schedule a Mini Strategy Session and let’s discuss a strategy for direct congressional outreach: Schedule A New Appointment

Spelman College – House & Senate:

Tuere Parham Butler – District Director – Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) – tuere.butler@mail.house.gov
Ariel Eckblad – Legislative Director – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) – ariel.eckblad@mail.house.gov
Maia Hunt Estes – Chief of Staff – Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD) – maia.estes@mail.house.gov
Emerald Garrett – Senior Staff Assistant – House Democratic Whip – emerald.garrett@mail.house.gov
Jocelyn Griffin Harris – Counsel – House Budget Committee – jocelyn.harris@mail.house.gov
Antonia Senna Hill – Legislative Correspondent – House Democratic Majority Leader – antonia.hill@mail.house.gov
Vera Jordan – State Representative – Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) – vera_jordan@shelby.senate.gov
Zarinah Ann Mustafa – Legislative Aide – Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) – zarinah_mustafa@wyden.senate.gov
Ashli Scott Palmer – Floor Operations Director – House Democratic Whip – ashli.palmer@mail.house.gov
Donni Turner – Senior Adviser, Education Policy – Senate Budget Committee – donni_turner@budget.senate.gov

Critical House Staff Contacts:

House Office Chiefs of Staff
House Office Legislative Directors
House Office Communications Directors
House Office Schedulers – All Hail!


House Office District Directors

Critical Senate Staff Contacts:

Senate Office Chiefs of Staff
Senate Office Legislative Directors
Senate Office Communications Directors
Senate Office Administrative Directors


Senate Office State Directors

Congressional Materials Library:

Congressional Résumé Sample
Congressional References Page Sample
Congressional Cover Letter Sample

Congressional Writing Sample A
Congressional Writing Sample B
Sample Congressional Press Release

Form A: States Where You Have Lived & Worked
Form B: Congressional Member Tip Sheet
Form C: Networking Detail Sheet

New Application Power Bundle:

Your Master Plan
Congressional Résumé
References Page
LinkedIn Profile
Social Media Scrub
Writing Samples
Press Release Sample
Congressional Cover Letter

Targeted Outreach & Networking:

Your Alumni Database
States Where You Have Lived & Worked
Congressional Member Tip Sheet
All Hail The Congressional Scheduler
Casting Networking Hooks Via Email
Introductory Email Samples
Congressional Interview Tip Sheet (Informal)
Critical Follow-Up
Weekly Update

Interview Execution & Offer:

Approaching Formal Job Openings
Phone Interview Execution
In-Person Formal Interviews
Final Interviews
Offer Negotiation & Closing
Thank You!