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Are you ready to launch a fantastic new career opportunity? We are here to support you every step of the way. For opportunities off and on Capitol Hill, your options are endless. Based on the experience of thousands of candidates, here are the key steps for a masterful search:

  • New congressional openings
  • Professional job openings
  • Congressional Hill internships
  • Mini strategy sessions
  • LinkedIn photographs
  • New congressional résumé
  • Interview preparation & research
  • LinkedIn profile renovation
  • Video practice interview
  • Professional reference check
  • Congressional cover letters
  • Professional cover letters
  • Writing and press samples
  • Member and committee selection
  • Offer review and salary negotiation
  • Breakfast & lunch strategy sessions
  • Comprehensive candidate support
  • Complete Ultimate Blueprint™

If you are interested in advanced strategy sessions, schedule your new appointment today. We can meet in person or over the telephone. There are thousands of positions. You only need one!