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Are you ready to launch a fantastic new career opportunity? We are here to support your path forward every step of the way. For opportunities both on and off the Hill, your options are endless. We cannot charge a million dollars for a new résumé. Everything we offer is $95 or less. We are dealing with the smartest and best talent in the country but we are also dealing with school loans and other important priorities. Here are the key steps for a masterful search strategy:

  • Mini strategy session
  • New congressional résumé
  • Interview preparation & research
  • Video practice interview
  • Professional reference checks
  • Congressional cover letters
  • Professional cover letters
  • Member and committee selection
  • New job openings & opportunities
  • Salary review and offer negotiation
  • Breakfast and lunch sessions
  • Press release and writing samples
  • LinkedIn profiles and photos
  • Comprehensive candidate support
  • Detail-oriented ultimate blueprint

Schedule an appointment today and let’s get to work. There are thousands of positions. You only need one!