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For new career opportunities both off the Hill and on, our platform is built to help in 100 different ways. For candidates of all backgrounds and levels of experience, we offer custom solutions for starter, mid-career, and executive level professionals.

When you book an appointment, there are three options: Telephone Conference, FaceTime Chat, or Zoom Meeting. We love Zoom because we can get the most done and because you can watch us as we do the work.

Appointment Options:

Introduction Session (1-Hour)

This 1-Hour session is the perfect way to launch your campaign. This meeting provides the perfect foundation for the next chapter of your career.

Custom Candidate Résumé

The résumé is the most important piece of the puzzle. If you are not landing interviews, we need to work on the résumé. Let’s tinker and polish to perfection.

1-Hour Strategy Session

In 60 minutes we will cover a wide range of issues. We have the flexability to work on virtually anything necessary for a successful search.

Custom Cover Letter

A custom cover letter is incredibly powerful. Each time you apply to a position, you should send a unique cover letter. Stick to the facts with a tight message.

Video Practice Interview

If you are getting interviews but no offers, we need a practice interview. You will see your strenghts as well as your opportunities for growth. This is a major confidence boost in the interview.

LinkedIn Profile

Utilize your LinkedIn profile to garner maximum exposure. The profile must look fantastic. Members of Congress and their Chiefs are looking at you.

Writing Sample A

You will want a one-page writing sample on an issue that shows your knowledge and expertise. We will polish the sample to perfection.

Writing Sample B

The second writing sample should be a popular subject in the national debate. Immigration policy, gun control, education reform, the national debt are examples of hot topics.

Press Release Sample

If you are ready for a communications or press position, a press release sample within the application is vital. Your goal is to deliver the voice of your boss. A recent press release shows your skills.